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conime.exe check services to make sure its not running

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conime.exe check services to make sure its not running

Post by chUnk on Fri 10 Jul 2009, 8:47 am

Found this bugger running just now. I thought it a bit weird and dont remeber it running before. So I googles it... few forums on it but basically all say the same. Its a ""TROJAN"" the forum tells me, in caps but red too so no im not yelling , some little mofo beefer is using microsoft remote server through beef to f@#k with me logins/passwords etc tells me its a ""bfghost"". Had a bitch of a time getting rid of it. I endened up in permission auditng and changing the ownership from trusted installer to myselft, so i could then go and give myself the right to delete it.. little dirty bugger.. It is a microsoft product apparently but in the wrong hands.. you end up with little spys on your shitbox. Draw n quarter the virginal scum har pirat
btw I hope the forums were right and i didnt just screw my beef setup again Suspect
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conime.exe check services to make sure its not running

Post by altaego on Fri 10 Jul 2009, 11:48 am

Probably should have not deleted it just changed the file name or maybe not even, as it is a windows file but shouldnt be running unless you have a remote server setup, which when do you? i dunno... just got the pliers out n pulled it. Maybe i should have jst changed permissions, ah what the hell so far np in gettin rid of it. Fuck remote login anyway.. probably neva need it.. confused bom


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